Second step

    Once the entry to the group has been made, everyone is able to get several information through the website. Thus, the thematic groups can be viewed, the professional groups and also the organizations (orgas for short). In each of these groups it is possible to register and to integrate, to inform oneself and to exchange information as a whole. It is even desired that information is exchanged, because only through this can everyone expand their level of knowledge and connect with other people. But, as always, do not get lost in the virtual world, but use this as an information pool or communication network, lived in reality. So grab info and implement it in your own local group. Because life takes place in reality - please do not forget, no matter how tempting the Internet is.
    The next steps are so individual that they cannot be listed here. Only one thing everyone should know:
    You are free to do what you like. Do not let yourself be restricted. But please always watch out for your neighbors - because you are not alone. Only together we can do it. And as I always say:
    We can only create peace if we all stick together. So let's all stick together and create peace - and let's do it in love.