First step

    The first step to enter the Helfa world is to join a local group. There everyone gets to know each other and builds trust. In reality this is very easy, in computer science it is a bit more difficult. There everybody can contact a moderator and introduce himself or make an appointment to meet. If instead of the website, Telegram is used, the first point is a reception group. There, everyone can then introduce themselves to an administrator or read through the welcome text, which gives one instructions on how to proceed. In any case, one of the first steps there is also to write to the moderator. If the first contact is accomplished, the rest is only a child's play - because from now on the Helfa world is at one's disposal.
    The meeting is so important because trust can only be built if people really know each other. In the current society, something similar is done: there, everyone has an ID card. We try to do it without an ID card. We try to make it through a group bond that everybody knows everybody. Because if I know which group someone is in, I can ask the moderator if he knows him and then I can identify him. Of course, that's not 100% certain, but nothing is 100% certain - but it goes a long way and there is no file or record that can be held on someone for their entire life. Only the information that is important at that time is given out.